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Explore the vibrant Hollywood world through the immersiveness of our film production simulator game. As a young film producer with a low budget you need to produce the blockbuster which will bring you your long sought after acclaimed fame.

Thumbs up
Joyful movie making experience. They have created a solid game with a significant amount of daily options available.

Marie C Hicks


Super entertaining!
Great design. Many options to build movies. Keeps you going through the levels. Definitely a good one for movie lovers! Nice interface, easy to navigate and user friendly. Worth the try! :)

little man and mama


Try this!
I think that this game is a great opportunity for kids to learn what a movie making job will be like in the future.

Cynthia M Heflin


Amazing strategy game
The game is absolutely fantastic on the process of is creation films, and running my own blockbuster.



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Take on the role of an ambitious producer - start from Mumbai and try to climb the leaderboards before moving to LA to do the same. Embark on a compelling and emotional journey to unravel the true meaning of becoming a successful Hollywood producer.